December 12 2014

Meeting of Youth Voluntary Service in Lithuania












Last Wednesday, Antanas and Martyna, two people who work for the Lietuvos jaunimo organizaciju taryba spoke about Youth Volunteer Service in Lithuania. In this program, people who are uneployement can left their town for another place in Lithuania for 3 to 6 months. They can work in non-profit organization (in could be in the field of sport, culture, social, ecology…). The volunteer don’t paid taxes and  for flat.Then, this is an upaid work.

There is exactly 262 organizations hosting volunteer in the country (2 in Rietavas, whose Open Youth Center). Continue reading

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December 6 2014

Volunteer Day in the Telšių Jaunimo Centras

Yesterday, it was the day of volunteering. We go celebrated this to the Telšių Jaunimo Centras. It was the opportunity to discover another Youth Center, to speak about volunteering and the Erasmus + program. Ivon and Philippe has spoken about their experience here in Rietavas and why they have choosen to be volunteer in Lithuania.

We were also to the street of the city for speaking to the people about volunteering and at the end of the day we have eaten a wonderful pizza but sorry I ve forgotten the adress of the restaurant!

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December 2 2014

Training of volunteering

Yesterday at the school, there was a training about volunteering in Europe. Egidijus spoke about the program Erasmus+ and the two volunteers, Ivon and Philippe shared their experience here, why they have choosen to be volunteer, and why especially here in Lithuania.

At the end of the training, a game was organised: Ivon throw the ball to anyone in the room, Rasa asked to the people who has the ball a question about the Rietavas Open Youth Center, and if the young has the good answer, Philippe gave to him/her a candy!

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December 1 2014

Who wants to be a volunteer?

Pick me









You want to be a volunteer in a foreign countries for one year? Come on monday at 13:00 to the school of Rietavas for a information meeting about volunteering for youngster and the program Erasmus+. The two volunteers of Jaunima Centras will also speak about their experiences, feeling and what they do here. You are invited!