December 9 2014

Training about First Aid

Today to the Jaunimo Centras, a woman member of Red Cross given to us advices about first aid and what to do for staying alive after an accident (in swimming pool, bike, fall, when you break your bones…). She comes with a carpet, helmet, an adult body and baby body in plastic and a survival blanket.

She begin to recall simple think that we only live once , and we have to do everythink for saving it !

She also learnt to us the Heimlich method, (when people suffocate) and about massage, (you have to do 30 massage in mouth-to-mouth, and 90 times for the heart).

Some of youngster participated to a simulation. For example, one of them laid down to the carpet, being fake to become unconscious, and the woman show us how to move an unaware body. She also show with another participant how to set a bandage.

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December 9 2014

Three Youngs for Kaunas give advice about love

Last thursday, three youngs for Kaunas (Gediminas, Lina and Asta) go to the Rietavas school for talking about love and family. They have given advices about how to love girl or boy friend, problem, importance of family…

They come tovisit us  the Youth Center and told that they want to come back to Rietavas thank to the church and the park!

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December 2 2014

Training of volunteering

Yesterday at the school, there was a training about volunteering in Europe. Egidijus spoke about the program Erasmus+ and the two volunteers, Ivon and Philippe shared their experience here, why they have choosen to be volunteer, and why especially here in Lithuania.

At the end of the training, a game was organised: Ivon throw the ball to anyone in the room, Rasa asked to the people who has the ball a question about the Rietavas Open Youth Center, and if the young has the good answer, Philippe gave to him/her a candy!

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