January 10 2015

Pool Tournament in Youth Center

Who is the best pool player of Rietavas ? You will have the answer if you go to the Youth Center watching the pool tournament. If you want to participate, it’s too late, because the registration was until the 8th january…

Since Thursday, 24 youngsters participate to the tournament pool,  organised, by Ivon that took the initiative.  this is the first stage until next wednesday, that meant that all the participant play in their group against  5 others players . For each victory, the player gets 1 point. The two players of each group who get more point will be to the next stage (until the final). The others will say good bye to the tournament!

There is match every day. At 14.00 to 17.00, this is people under 15 years who played and the older after.

And if you want to participate to the next tournament, take care : if you have just to put the black ball on the hole, try to dont put the white ! lot of participant has lost in this way !

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