November 27 2020

Elene savanorystė Dienos veiklos centre, Kretingoje

Laba diena, I am Elene, I am  21 years old. I came to Lithuania, Kretinga, two month ago from the project “Discover the new world of relationship “. Since that every day is unusual, full of surprises and new activities. I am a volunteer in the day center of disability people –  “Dienos veiklos centras”. Here I am learning how to work on ceramic, floristic, sewing. I learnt how to do physiotherapy and social activities with disability people, day by day everything gets easier and more interesting because in every two week we change my weekly routine, so it makes work more fun and helps me discover more opportunities to learn. In the center everybody tries to make me feel like home. Everybody is very friendly and open. I know that I just started a project but in this little time I could learn many things already. For real it’s very fun to be here,  the project helped me to meet other volunteers from different countries and helped me discover different cultures, which is very interesting. 

So if you are reading this now and thinking apply for project or not I  suggest to apply you can’t even imagine, how good will your life change, how many opportunities will you have  to learn and of course plus is not only for educational grow, you will meet great people, make friends and will have lot of fun.

November 24 2020

Savanorė Skuodo vaikų lopšelyje-darželyje

Savanorė iš Ukrainos Viktoriia atvyko į Skuodo lopšelį-darželį pagal Europos solidarumo korpuso savanoriškos veiklos projektą „Do for a Cause, Not for Applause“. Viktoriia savo savanorystės kelionę tik pradėjo ir nori su jumis susipažinti.

„My name is Viktoriia, I am 24. I am from the amazing country Ukraine. I changed my city several times I lived in a big city with quick life and I lived in quiet towns, I lived near the sea and near mountains. I am not afraid of change, I am afraid of routine because it doesn’t motivate me to create something, to implement my ideas, and to achieve my goals.

I love traveling. After my first trip to Europe, I understood that want to travel every month and began to think about how I can do it. I began to arrange European tours for everybody, which gave me an opportunity to visit more than 10 countries for one year.

I love my job, I am an English teacher. Now I am working online and help children and adults to improve such a powerful tool as a foreign language. Also, I had a small shop with materials for learning English. They are games, flashcards which I made on my production.

I love helping, that’s why a huge part of my life is volunteering. I had a lot of projects in Ukraine and some international. They are mostly with kids, urban, and the environment but I am open to all fields. I am super excited to be here, in Skuodas.“

November 18 2020

Enrico du mėnesiu jau čia!!!

It has already been 2 months since I landed in Vilnius and a lot has happened in this time. Every day is like a new beginning, I face many challenges and I often find myself having to get out of my comfort zone. I work in the library in the administrative office; I am in the room with my tutor and mentor. The office looks like Steve Job; there are many computers, cables, cameras. For me it is a real paradise haha

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October 29 2020


Galima sakyti, jog čia apžvelgtos Rietavo atviro jaunimo centro veiklos daugiausia vyko tarp dviejų karantinų: birželio – spalio mėnesiais. Centre jau trečius metus iš eilės vykdomi JRD finansuojami projektai, šiuo metu vykdomas projektas „Be rėmų“. Projekto dėka galima įdarbinti dar vieną žmogų, įsigyti naujų žaidimų, priemonių, turėti lėšų įvairioms veikloms vykdyti.

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