January 7 2020

Savanorystė Kretingos dienos veiklos centre

Savanoris iš Armėnijos dalinasi savo savanorystės patirtimi Kretingos dienos veiklos centre pagal Erasmus+ programą, kurią finansuoja Europos Komisija. 

Daugiau apie tai galite perskaityti jos pasidalintoje istorijoje.

  „My volunteering experience is very nice. I have organized different activities with disabled people like theater, taught English every day, played games (basketball, tennis) and other games. I am always presented my country Armenia there. Together with disability people, we are making puzzles and drawing different pictures together. It is nice to see and communicate with them every day in an organization. I am very happy to be a volunteer. It is a really good experience. In this place I feel comfortable, it is quiet and cozy. I recommend for other volunteers, definitely come to Lithuania. There is a lot of nature, forests, the air so good. My tried and tested food is nice there. Buses are so cozy. I am living in a home which is a new homestyle for me. It is very nice to live alone, it is relaxing for me. Interesting to meet with other volunteers in on-arrival and mid-term training, it was a nice experience. I travel inside of Lithuania and visit Vilnius, Kaunas, and Klaipeda.“

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October 29 2019

Savanorystė, keičia požiūrį!!!

Savanorystė, keičia požiūrį!!!

Tai teigia Kristina. Savanorė, iš Ukrainos atvykusi savanoriauti į Kretingos dienos veiklos centre pagal Erasmus+ programą, kurią finansuoja Europos Komisija.

Daugiau apie tai galite perskaityti jos pasidalintoje istorijoje.

It has been nine months since I came to Lithuania. I have spent almost a year there volunteering in an EVS project in Kretinga, at the Dienos Veiklos Centras.

One of the first things I’ve done here was learning Lithuanian and Lithuanian culture. It’s seemed important to me to learn as much as possible about the local community. And Lithuanians are so nice and opened people, they would tell you everything about their country with great pleasure.

  Kretinga is a small town. And I learned to live in it and to be in touch with nature. I was enjoying long walks around the lake and in the forest. Nature had a calming effect on me and helped me better understand myself and my surroundings. Also, there’s a great opportunity to travel a lot around Lithuania and abroad.

I extremely enjoyed volunteering at the Day Activity Center. I designed illustrations for the center’s brochure, did a lot of drawing for different events, created several needlework classes, organized English and Russian teaching events, learned lots of features of work with disabled people. Currently, I’m working on my final project that would represent the result of my work here. This valuable experience has given me a new perspective on disabled people and communication with them. This project has opened my eyes.

  All in all, all of this would not be possible without all the amazing people I was lucky to get acquainted with here. These people have become my second family, people I can trust and confide in, people I laugh and cry with. I am very happy to be a volunteer at Dienos Veiklos Centras. And if I was to choose again, I would choose Lithuania again.“

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