November 18 2014

Volunteer In Rietavas: first impression!

Hey hey hey, I arrived 2 months ago and I have never written in this page, especially created for the volunteers! Shame on me, because I’m graduate in journalism! So, how begin? For introduce myself again, I come from France and am a volunteer (or „savanory“ yes, its one of the few words I know in your language) for one year in the Rietavas Open Youth Center. I play with youngster, write  articles for the website and give also french lesson (each thursday at 17h), if you are interested, come on! Continue reading

July 30 2014

Let me live, love, and say it all in good sentences

smariSummer arrived in Lithuania, sun is shining like in my country and People enjoy it. We all were waiting for this… I started to write this post and feel a smell of rain; I think it’s going to rain today. My mood is not changing by weather but I can say that right now I feel very nostalgic and strange.
Yesterday I was chatting with my nice and she write with a happy smile “31 days left” … In this moment I open a calendar and looked at the date of my departure. Yes, that’s true. Only one month left, in my face appeared a sad or batter will be a nostalgic smile, I was looking to trees today which were making sound by wind and sun was shining between the leaves. I take a deep breath and made a promise one more time, to myself that I must come back here, one day. In novel “Little prince” the fox is saying to him “You become responsible forever for what you’ve tamed.” And we must remember this…
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May 21 2014

How far we have gone…

I don’t remember when I fall in love with Lithuania, but I like being here… I like mornings … When its fresh cold air and birds are singing, Park is quiet and lake is the mirror of the sky. Living here is a gift; I live in the capital of Georgia – Tbilisi. I love it; this is the only thing I have… I mean most families in Georgia have villages and on summer or winter holidays going there to spend time in nature but I don’t. So for me Rietavas is the place where I can breathe. I have a chance to walk in woods, feeding ducks and be surrounded with simple people, I can walk and walk more… not to think about transport, I am not in a hurry .

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