September 16 2020

Savanoris iš Italijos Ernico

My name is Enrico Armenia, I’m come from Italy. My hometown is Trieste, it located North East of Italy, border to Slovenia, just 5 minutes drive.

I lived overseas for years in big metropolitanes such as Auckland, Melbourne and Sydeny. I studied a Diploma at University in Auckland for almost a year meanwhile I did varius jobs. Then, I moved to Melbourne (Australia) where I spent six months, and I worked as Assicar sales assistance in a Ferrari and Lamborghini car dealership.

During my leasure time I volunteered for two organizations in Auckland where I was in charge of the creation and management of the website. One in a Theatre and the other one was for Slow Food Auckland (organization born in Italy) I also was volunteer just a day for a Christmas Coca Cola Concert in Auckland where we raised almost 20.000 dollars selling coca cola merchandising.

I do have hobbies, one in particular, where I can earn money as well, collecting stamps, coins and vintage items then I sell online (on Ebay).

My dad and I, every Sunday we participate as sellers in the flea markets. We sell second hand items including collectibles and vintage items.

Every weekend, I hang out with my friends, we having dinner in restaurants and walk around the city.  I enjoy a lot trekking in mountains and lakes.. I discoverd this passion when I lived in New Zealand and Australia.

I also help a friend (he’s a Art Contemporary Painter) and I went with him to see Art Exhibitions around Italy and Europe. I like photography and I’m learning Video Making. Every morning one of my habit is reading non fiction books after wake up.

I worked as Digital Marketing Manager in a construction entreprise.

I lived overseas for years in big metropolitanes and my hometown is big too. I always desired to live a small town to know everyone and live withouth rush and traffic. That’s why when I found this oportunity I didn’t esistate to apply.

Rietavo atviras jaunimo centras.

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