July 22 2020

Savanorės istorija Klaipėdos apskrities I. Simonaitytės bibliotekoje

Savanorė iš Gruzijos, Nino dalinasi savo savanorystės patirtimi Klaipėdos apskrities I. Simonaitytės bibliotekoje. Savanorė į organizaciją atvyko pagal Europos solidarumo korpuso programą, kurią finansuoja Europos Komisija.

Daugiau apie jos patirtį galite perskaityti Nino pasidalintoje istorijoje.

„Maybe the present is simple, but the future can be perfect! Let`s take a risk and realize this dream, Let`s forget a little bit about the comfort zone, and let`s go somewhere where I never been before. Simple – let`s have this experience, because it`s about now or never.`
    This is a quote that helped me to make the final decision, that I was going to move to Lithuania!
    I spent 6 months in Lithuania. Half-year isn`t so short time. I remember that I came here as a  little, a bit scared girl, who had lots of goals and dreams in her head. And I`ve left this country more confident and grown! Of course it`s not easy to leave in a different country all alone and start to leave independently, especially in this period, when there is Covid-19 everywhere… But  I`m proud that I found power in me and I passed quarantine time normally. This was the period when I started to get to know myself better and explore new things, that I didn`t know before.
     During 6 months I collected lots of amazing memories and gained meaningful, international experience. This project gave me new friends, from different parts of the world. I felt how diverse can be the world!
    I want to say thank you to my host and coordinating organization for all of the support and warmth that they gave me! And I wish you all the best things for Lithuania! It always will be in my  heart as my second home!“

Rietavo atviras jaunimo centras.

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