May 12 2015

League Of Legends Tournament

Saturday 9th of May we had a new kind of tournament in our Youth Center. This one was a online computer game. One of the most played games in the world. League of Legends! Many youngsters were showing interest in this tournament so we decided to do it before Summer (when we can go more outside to enjoy the good weather ).

We opened the registration and in the first day we got 10 registrations. After 3 days we already had more than 25. But was amazing to see our board and facebook event in the end of the week with more than 40 registrations!!! In the end, when the day and hour were really decided, we got a final number of 32 players as you can see in the picture. Perfect number for 32 players playoffs.

So we started at 14:00…
In youth center we had 3 computers available. The objective was to have 2 players (1 vs 1) playing and another projecting the game on a big screen in the Wall.
But many of the youngsters wanted to bring their own computer so we could do more games at same time and even to have nice moments playing 2 against 2 just for fun.
In the middle of the afternoon we were already in the quarter-finals and everyone was getting excited with the great battles we had! Such encounters and great moments we had! All the spectators and fans of this game were shouting something supporting their friends!
Finnally, we got to the Semi-finals with this amazing 4: Kestutis Norvaisa; Egidijus Zbaras; Gytis Grigutis; and Ivon Brandão. The games were played at same time and the finalists were Kestutis and Egidijus. The 3rd and 4th place would be disputed between Ivon and Gytis.
We had full room to see our champions playing and the podium stood like this:

1st: Egidijus
2nd: Kestutis
3rd: Ivon

Such a great tournament it was. Everyone enjoyed it (players and spectators). We distributed the medals as prizes and the day was over. It was 21:00. Time to close everything and wait for the next event 😉

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