January 28 2015

A day in the air and in the kitchen

Last Saturday (24 of January), the Rietavas Open Youth Center joined a group of youngsters and “set sail” to Telšiai. Why? Because we were invited by Telšiai Youth Center to meet them! We go in a small place near the city where we could do diferent activities.

In the morning at 10 am, we gathered up and went by bus to that place. We had a group of around 15 youngsters and everyone was excited to go!

Already there, we were very well received by their Youth Center staff, and started to do some presentation games. This games had the purpose to know the names of the others. It was quite interesting to see that with such simple games, we  can all enjoy some minutes to know everyone.

After the introductions, we were divided in two groups, mixed with Rietavas and Telšiai youngsters. While one group was going outside for climbing, the other had to prepare the lunch. Of course, after a while, the two groups changed their tasks and  everyone could have the oportunity to enjoy a little bit of everything.

About the climbing, we can say with more or less fear and bravery that everyone enjoyed it!

About the cooking, in the beggining, it was not the activity that the youngsters wanted to do the most, but after a nice moment of chating in the kitchen and between funny events in the same place, we can also say that it was a pleasure moment to everyone!

But the day was not only about this activities. Plenty of others things happened:

– the sliding down near the hill with a sled

– Playing board and card games in the common hall

– Some of the youngsters also used a ball to play some football and volleyball games

– And of course, we are in Winter time and everything is full of snow. So the snowfights was also organized! (:

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