January 17 2015

Pool tournament: we know who is the best player

Yesterday, it was the last day l of pool tournament for each category (the young under 15 and the older) and we know who are the best players of pool of Jaunimo Centras!

And the three best players under 15years old are:

Third place: Vygailė Valatkaitė

Second place:  Laurinas Šedvilas

Winner: Viktoras  Vaičiulis


The podium of the older:


Third place:  Ivon Brandao (but he decides to give the certificate and present to Kęstutis Norvaiša

Second place: Jordanas Ledinauskas

Winner: Marius Juška


Each players received a present and certificate from Jaunimo Centras for congratulate them for their performance!

Rietavo atviras jaunimo centras.

Posted 2015 01 17 by Philippe Bourguet in category "Naujienos