November 18 2014

Volunteer In Rietavas: first impression!

Hey hey hey, I arrived 2 months ago and I have never written in this page, especially created for the volunteers! Shame on me, because I’m graduate in journalism! So, how begin? For introduce myself again, I come from France and am a volunteer (or „savanory“ yes, its one of the few words I know in your language) for one year in the Rietavas Open Youth Center. I play with youngster, write  articles for the website and give also french lesson (each thursday at 17h), if you are interested, come on!Of course, you can imagine that it’s not so easy to left his country, even if I have already live in a foreign country for several month (but the difference its that it was in a place called „Quebec“ where people speak french). Sometime, the communication could be quite difficult. For example, one time, when I ordered in a kebab shop, I couldn’t pronounced  well all the menu and the women looked at me like an alien! It was so funny!

Then, I’ve appreciated to participate in french lesson to the school of the town. Last week, I have visited  the school with the french teacher. I met people from all age from 6 years old to 18. Curiously, some remembrance come back in my mind! Indeed,  I oftenly dream I back to primary school! Yes, I’m nostalgic of my chilhood, and I like to be in this place, and haven’t got lot of opportunity for this.

And what about Lithuanian lesson? Wonderful! The teacher speaks in french, that its really good  for me, less for the other, because she doesn’t speak english!!  And, after one or two months, it will take a very very long time before we become bilingual, but we will never give up!

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