May 21

How far we have gone…

I don’t remember when I fall in love with Lithuania, but I like being here… I like mornings … When its fresh cold air and birds are singing, Park is quiet and lake is the mirror of the sky. Living here is a gift; I live in the capital of Georgia – Tbilisi. I love it; this is the only thing I have… I mean most families in Georgia have villages and on summer or winter holidays going there to spend time in nature but I don’t. So for me Rietavas is the place where I can breathe. I have a chance to walk in woods, feeding ducks and be surrounded with simple people, I can walk and walk more… not to think about transport, I am not in a hurry .

I like nights here… when you can see the stars almost from every place, because it’s dark. When you are standing near the lake looking at the stars and freezing, coming home from a rainy day, having tea or coffee (depends on mood).

I like colorful autumn and fairy tale winter with snow and frozen lakes… I love to watch my tree (yes I have it), how he is changing ( and so am I …) I like to live without hurrying somewhere, when you have time to sit and read books or watch a movie without thinking what time is now.

I like when I am siting and looking at people, especially children if I am lucky I can see how they are playing ball through my window. I like feeling when I think about one of my friends and I got message from him…

I like when I am going to the shop and in the streets see kids coming from school, shaking hands and with shy voice telling hello. I like when I am coming from the shop through the park, to walk more… when I sit on the chair and princesses are passing me, stopping and asking I lot questions. When I see there truly faces, hearing my talk in Lithuanian…

I love Rietavas. Real love is like this, you never know when it comes or what is the reason, I am here a long time already and every day happens something that surprises me or just makes me feel good. My friends are telling that I am a person who don’t need a lot for being happy, so maybe this is the reason why I am happy, living in a small city of Lithuania? I really can’t explain what I found here, the only thing what I can, is to talk to you with a cup of coffee. If you listen by heart you will understand me very good.

Someone said that “life begins at the end of your comfort zone”, when you read it somehow you imagine something in your head but what it means in reality I understand on my volunteering in Lithuania. This country gave me freedom, my some dreams come true, and I gain more from life. The first question which youngsters are asking me is if I miss my … of course I miss my country, my friends and family… There are days when I just don’t want anything except of hug of my friend, or playing with my nieces and nephew. There are also days when I just think about some events or parties or even worse, about my best friend’s wedding happening without me. This is the worst side of being somewhere far from your country.

Let’s talk about the stuff we all miss here… Mr. SUN! I don’t know if you ever compare yourself to seasons but I am summer, not just because I love this season, all seasons are beautiful and I am more north country lover which means that cold days, when you need to put a long flappy jacket on you is the best weather for me, I am summer inside as I guess and my month is June. Science childhood I was waiting and counting days, when it comes… but know I have strange feeling about it. All I want to say is that not everything is so perfect, like it was in my past posts; I just don’t like to talk… or prefer to mention good things only! I miss my friends but on the other hand Rietavas people and especially youth… become my new friends and now when I think about time… I don’t know how to count: how many days left, to be here or how many days before my departer. When I feel not good I can just close my eyes and remember Youth of our JC and on my face appears a big smile! I remember all funny moments what happened to me in Jaunimo Centras. All names of youngsters who ever made me laugh, every single word what they told me with their truly heart. How I can forget the day when I first met my little Lithuanian prince and his gift for Christmas or the boy who is gifting me one Georgian word (hello – gamarjoba), this is the only word which I hear almost every day. I am very gladly for this… Missing country becomes you more sensitive, so this one magic word makes me stronger and healing my homesickness.

There are days and days and nights when everything seems impossible and my mood is getting even worse than weather in Lithuania, but when I remember all this I just can’t be sad. Right now I am rich person, I have two homes. Yes! Home is the place where someone is waiting for you, “it’s a place where you can go and stay”. I know that my friends and family are waiting for me in Georgia; this feeling keeps my head above to sadness. When I will go back, I will always know that here someone is waiting for and is happy to see me. So my thoughts will be between this to countries, which incorporates not only the 2 816 km but I lot of memories, dreams that come true, freedom, lovely people and one magic thing called – love.

There are not even four month left of my Volunteering project and I will make my best to use this time here and took more nice memories, more friends and happiness! If you want to help me with this… I am waiting you in our Youth center.

Rietavo atviras jaunimo centras.

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