September 12 2013

First feelings about “The Lake Land” Named Rietavas

IMG_4266Most of all I am excited by nature, you are surrounded by green trees and fields with a few lakes. When you see it, you can say that on this place God made a little paradise. The buildings are simple and not so special but it fits with nature well and you don’t pay attention to it. The sky above you is so clean and blue; sometimes I image that I can touch it, and around you everything is so calm you can’t just think about bad things. The sound of ducks in the morning and all this stuff, gives you a peace of soul, which is most important thing in life.

The streets are narrow and very clean, you have never find a trash there, this was first sign for me to understand Lithuanians  how much they love their country.

The second difference what I noticed, was about transport?  I was walking on the streets and never saw a yellow bus or other transports except of cars and bicycles. Here People drive cars slowly…

And here is the third difference…  I still haven’t got used to it. When I am crossing the road I usually look on the both side, here is the rule which drivers are following: when you put your leg on the ground, cars frozen in a minute, waiting for you to cross the street and it’s a normal thing, not a gift. It’s your right. : )

The difference from my hometown is that at ten o’clock, Rietavas looks like “a dead city” . Shops are closed and everything is quiet, at firsts I was a little bit scared. The same calmness in my town was during the August war.

I like my job, a lot of youngsters are coming to our youth canter, this also helps me to adapt to my new life. It is not easy to live in a place where you have no friend or relatives.  However, I am less worried about this problem because the local people are friendly, especially youngsters. They have a good attitude. They like to plan theirs evenings and every time trying to find entertainment: Youth of Rietavas like playing entertainment games. The best is that I can’t feel difference between the ages. It does not matter if you’re 17’s or 23’s… Here, everyone is equal. Such perception helps the younger people to learn more, And as for adults to get more experience.

A French writer once said:  „The only luxury that I know is a relationship between people.” And I am the luckiest one because I have this luxury – I will try my best to reach and learn more things from my volunteering job in the “Lakeland” named Rietavas.

Rietavo atviras jaunimo centras.

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