August 21 2015

100 kms and 2 days of bycicle!


Last week-end, we were  ten braves youngsters  to ride bycicle for a long trip. We started from Klaipeda and struggled for reaching  Nida saturday and did the reverse path sunday.

We have ridden approximatelely 4 hours each day (without counting the break) for reaching the destination. We have crossed 100 kms for all the trip.

Saturday,  we woke up very early and began to ride at 9:30 am. We slept at the middle of the night to the Youth Center of Nida.

Fortunately, for some of us who were very tired, Rasa could picked us by car. Yes, I know, it’s just little bit cheating but you understand, it is not  easy to make sport during hot temperature… And it was not for all the trip of course!

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July 2 2015

Canoe day

Beautiful selfie with Ivon and the 7 others soldiers of the river

Yesterday at the end of afernoon, we have lived a new  fascinating adventure in the river with canoe at the entertainment complex Žemsodis.

During the trip, we were often blocked by the rock but have also met crocodiles, pirates, piranhas, black and white lion, and  fought  canoe against canoe for reaching the first place (in trying to get fall the other). Some of us were also taken the wrong side (this is something that happen sometimes).

We were 8 peoples (youth center staff and youngsters) to struggle in the river , were very tired at the end of this activity and decided to eat ice cream after this.

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July 1 2015


Last saturday to the afternoon, we were at Klaipeda for having lot of fun in doing karting. We were 10 crazy (but not too much) drivers who want to have adrealine and pleasure. It was the first time for some of us, whereas others have practiced this sport several time…

Congratulation to Ivon Brandão for being the fastest of the race!

So, the podium was:

1: Ivon B

2: Audrius K

3: Audrius J

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March 25 2015

Baseball party

Since several weeks, we play baseball to the field near the Jaunimo Centras.

Ivon organises this event and explain the rules and the game last about one hour

It is the opportunity to discover this sport, because baseball is not especially the national sport of Lithuania, Portugal or France… And some of players have sometime difficulty to remeber the rules!

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