January 28 2015

Who wants a hug from Ligita?

This afternoon (Wednesday 28th january), a quizz game was organized at Jaunimo Centras based on tv show „Who wants to be a millionaire?“.

But for this game, three players won not a million but a hug from Ligita (that explain the name of the game „who wants hug from Ligita?“), and received also lot of candies! Seven youngsters participated to this game and have to reply one by one of question about sport, geography, the youth center, video games…. The players who has the most good answer win, and they could use of course joker (50/50, call a friend…)

And the three best players are:

3th: Mantas Baitis

2nd: Donatas Arys

The winner:  Deividas Čekavicius

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