November 24 2020

Savanorė Skuodo vaikų lopšelyje-darželyje

Savanorė iš Ukrainos Viktoriia atvyko į Skuodo lopšelį-darželį pagal Europos solidarumo korpuso savanoriškos veiklos projektą „Do for a Cause, Not for Applause“. Viktoriia savo savanorystės kelionę tik pradėjo ir nori su jumis susipažinti.

„My name is Viktoriia, I am 24. I am from the amazing country Ukraine. I changed my city several times I lived in a big city with quick life and I lived in quiet towns, I lived near the sea and near mountains. I am not afraid of change, I am afraid of routine because it doesn’t motivate me to create something, to implement my ideas, and to achieve my goals.

I love traveling. After my first trip to Europe, I understood that want to travel every month and began to think about how I can do it. I began to arrange European tours for everybody, which gave me an opportunity to visit more than 10 countries for one year.

I love my job, I am an English teacher. Now I am working online and help children and adults to improve such a powerful tool as a foreign language. Also, I had a small shop with materials for learning English. They are games, flashcards which I made on my production.

I love helping, that’s why a huge part of my life is volunteering. I had a lot of projects in Ukraine and some international. They are mostly with kids, urban, and the environment but I am open to all fields. I am super excited to be here, in Skuodas.“

Rietavo atviras jaunimo centras.

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