November 18 2020

Enrico du mėnesiu jau čia!!!

It has already been 2 months since I landed in Vilnius and a lot has happened in this time. Every day is like a new beginning, I face many challenges and I often find myself having to get out of my comfort zone. I work in the library in the administrative office; I am in the room with my tutor and mentor. The office looks like Steve Job; there are many computers, cables, cameras. For me it is a real paradise haha

I proposed many ideas and new projects both both for digital marketing but also activities for the little ones by teaching them English while playing Bingo. I helped the organization with a caricature art exhibition done by the local artist Antanas and then I created a brochure and a portfolio catalogue with all his works. During the opening of the art exhibition, I also made the front page in the local newspaper.

Currently, I am working on the creation of a calendar with famous people at regional level such as writers, poets; musicians … the calendar will be made in 3 languages ​​Lithuanian, English and Samogitian (the spoken dialect).

I am very happy and grateful to be here, even though I live in a village of only 6000 inhabitants compared to the previous year where I lived in Sydney, a city with more than 10 million inhabitants. For me this is a great challenge.

I socialized a lot with my work colleagues who are very nice and available even outside the workplace. I consider myself very lucky because they treat me really well.

Daugiau informacijos apie savanorio patirtį gali rasti čia.

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