June 23 2020

Eren patirtis jaunimo centre

Savanoris iš Turkijos, Eren dalinasi savo savanorystės patirtimi jaunimo centre. Savanoris į organizaciją atvyko pagal Europos solidarumo korpuso programą, kurią finansuoja Europos Komisija.

Daugiau apie jo patirtį galite perskaityti Eren pasidalintoje istorijoje.

„First of all, this decision was very exciting for me. I had never been to a country other than my own. This decision was very bold for me.. Because I was going to a country where a completely different culture and languages

I never knew were spoken. My English was bad, I couldn’t speak much .Dime was very helpful in this process. My colleagues also helped me adapt to a different culture and language. I traveled a lot on my own. During this process, I constantly met new people and in this way I improved my English.

I became a partner in new cultures and new experiences. I love all the youth in the youth center. I can understand a little what they feel. Because i experienced too before.

I talk to them occasionally and share my own experiences.I’m sure they trust me and love me and it really feels nice. Life in Rietavas was very difficult for me. I had no friends here and it was a very quiet little city. I can say that I had a lot of psychological difficulties, but it played a big role in my discovery. I’m psychologically strong right now. I can’t say that Rietavas didn’t add anything to me.

I love all of you guys

Eren ( with best signature )“

Rietavo atviras jaunimo centras.

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