May 2 2015

Portrait of young who has talent: Mantas, the photogapher

292330_4232683793718_595791675_nThis is the first article about people who have talent in Rietavas.

Let me  introduce  Mantas Viržintas  a 29 years old  photographer in Rietavas that  is  really passionate about photography.

Mantas  begun to practice photos few years ago in playing with his camera and taking  pictures of animals or nature: A butterfly in the air, a cat on the  sofa and a dog another day, a flower, a bee…

But this is above all his passion for  memory,  that explains  why  Mantas enjoys photographies. Indeed, we don’t have the device  created yet that allow us  to come back  to the past,  at least the photography can allow us it just little bit.

This is always  funny to compare the things before and after.  If you want to know how the  class looked  before  or see how you looked as  a baby or youngster…And after you begin to be nostalgic or think that you were   dressed in a funny way  and it  seemed  ridiculous comparing to now. This is why photography is so special.

In a nearby  future, Mantas plans  to organise exhibition of portraits of an old people,  because  portraits also  can tell a lot about personality and memories. Moreover, He thinks  to write biographies about them too… So, we wish him good luck for his project!

Below, examples of his pictures

Mantas Viržintas_Auksinis Rietavo parkas III_2012 m.

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Rietavo atviras jaunimo centras.

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