December 12 2014

Meeting of Youth Voluntary Service in Lithuania












Last Wednesday, Antanas and Martyna, two people who work for the Lietuvos jaunimo organizaciju taryba spoke about Youth Volunteer Service in Lithuania. In this program, people who are uneployement can left their town for another place in Lithuania for 3 to 6 months. They can work in non-profit organization (in could be in the field of sport, culture, social, ecology…). The volunteer don’t paid taxes and  for flat.Then, this is an upaid work.

There is exactly 262 organizations hosting volunteer in the country (2 in Rietavas, whose Open Youth Center).

At first, Antanas and Martyna shown a video of introduction about the program for answering to question like « What is volunteering », « where you can be a volunteer », « what it bring personnaly »… Then, they organize a test with question about volunteering. At the end of the training, Ivon and Philippe, the two volunteer of the Youth Center spoke about their experience as a volunteer.

Antanas and Martyna have already lived this experience and of course speak about their own experience.

Antanas was volunteer in 2011in NGO. He helped  to organize event, sport training, and festival. Martyna worked with 2 scouts organisations from 2005 to 2010 and in the Youth Center of Kavadarci in Macedonia in 2013.

Usualy, they come to governement organization for unemployement people. So, it this the first that they come to a Youth Center, and it is our !

If you dont know what to do now or in the future, this program can be for you a real opportunity ! You can go here, if you are interested by this program!


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Rietavo atviras jaunimo centras.

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