December 4 2013

Don’t be Georgian!

DSCF0990I am going to tell you a little about my Trip, which thought me many things but the biggest lesson for me was “don’t be Georgian”, It was very funny one. (For now it seems to be funny).

I was traveling to Finland and Stockholm with my friend from Georgia Tiko (She is an exchange student in VTGU), this trip was my first experience and although my big dream. Journey by ship to the city where was living most kind woman in the world Astrid Lindgren. I can’t say that I grew up with her stories but when I was in my teen age I read them and science then  I have been dreaming to see sunset in Stockholm and It when all this came true I just forgot everything, especially about time… in that time I feel I was infinitive … but when my friend said that we had no time and we must run to reach our cruise “Gabriella”, I feel a pain in my stomach (It was like when you are in love and feel something, but in a bad way :D). We started running like it was marathon … and finally we were late 1 minute. Just 60 seconds, come on man…  Open the gate. We were begging the man standing near the gate to open it, but this is EUROPE girl. They like rules. I was very nervous and wanted to begin crying but the man came and said: Don’t cry! He seemed very strong and the face was so calm that it touches me too. Suddenly I felt very calm and safe. Yes, this man was very helpful. We went to downstairs to the information canter; he was talking with woman and after five minutes came with smile in his face. I was thinking: “we are lucky”, one day in a week ship is making stop for 10 minutes in another Island between Stockholm and Helsinki. That was good news, we still had a chance to get and sleep in our cabins. We waste a lot of many but we did it! 😀 After that we feel like we were super heroes. Who noticed our disappear and heard our crazy journey, we become a storytellers. In the morning we were in Tallinn waiting for the bus to Vilnius but My another Georgian friend – Giorgi was already waiting us at the port and don’t let us  go “home”. So we change plans, went to his house, had a rest and then take a trip to see old Tallinn. It was worth to see! Magical houses, old buildings and architecture, narrow street with gravel road. When I saw all this I had a feeling that in one of the bar will came out a big mans, Alf’s with a bottle of bear, singing and having fun.  It was really good feeling. We laugh a lot on the jokes of my friend. He is very good at it.

When I came to Reitavas. First thing what I did after shower was opening my notebook and checking in on my “bucket list” three thing:

  •  I was in Stockholm. Where Peppy, Carlson and other childhood “friends” was born.
  •  I saw sunset in miracle city.
  •  I travelled by the Ship and become a storyteller.

Rietavo atviras jaunimo centras.

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