September 24 2013

New Experiences… Less Fears…

I was thinking what to write and decided to tell you little story’s what happened to me in this 2 week:

  I was in Vilnius for my on arrival training, I met a lot of people, volunteers like me from different countries and that  was really awesome feeling, when I heard someone was speaking in Georgian Language, I feel so happy. There was one Georgian girl and this was first time we said hello in our language in Lithuania. This training was very helpful. I come “home” with less fears: my thoughts that I can’t walk and get tired easily, disappeared and I don’t know why but when we were canoeing throw the lakes and rivers I don’t feel bad Because I don’t know how to swim but with my trainer I feel calm and happy. I enjoyed this time..

 When our training was over I stay in Vilnius with my Georgian friends. It was the best three days..  All day we were walking in the streets, try to see all beauty of Vilnius. I like this city very much, especially Uzupis. We visit museums too and most emotional for me was K.G.B museum. I was really shocked, I knew history but when I was there and look all things and prison.. I thanked god that it was only museum and now everything is fine 

 I missed one really good moment. On the way to Vilnius, I met Lithuanian woman she was speaking in Russian too, so we have a very good conversation. She gave me good advises about Lithuania, how to live, what to buy and eat and such king of stuff. She was really kind woman, she gave me advises like she was telling this to his daughter. It’s a pity that I don’t ask her name, but I will remember her always.

  One funniest moment of being in Rietavas : I was sitting and writing something in the diary in my language , when youngster  ( I don’t want to write his name here) come to me and looked at notebook , I was sitting calm and don’t close it because he didn’t know what was written there. He was looking and tell something to others, everyone begun laughing … only we were looking with the face “what’s up?” When they stop laughing one of them tell to him that I was Georgian and that was my mother tongue.  I understand what’s happened he thought that “this circles” was created by me. It was really Funny : ))


P.s : Great thanks all of you..  for reading this post  .. 🙂

Rietavo atviras jaunimo centras.

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